Highlighting a Few Classes Starting in the Next Two Weeks.

There are a number of new classes starting in the next few weeks. Many of them were added to the schedule only recently. To learn more or sign up for them, go to the Courses page.

SO. Social Intelligence During a Pandemic, Monday June 22, 29 and July 13 7 – 8:30 pm.

At a time when face masks and social distancing have become new norms, how can we reduce isolation and anxiety? Have our social interactions changed forever? Be a part of a structured search for some answers.

TA. The Adventures of the Seven Continents Wednesday, June 24, 1:30 - 2:30 pm (One day only.)

Come along and travel with Maury to;

Antarctica and a winter holiday to the plunge into the seas and the harrowing return back through the Drake Passage

Africa from the 1st time to Kenya, a Fulbright Hays study abroad in Ghana, survivor type trip if the 6 countries of Southern Africa to Northern Arab Africa

Asia – the western area of Turkey, the Middle East to the subcontinent of India & Nepal, on the China and SEA, Asiatic Russia the TSRR to Vladivostok

Europe- back in the USSR, Russia TSRR to the Urals, Western Europe Greece to Iceland with a little bit of Ireland in between…. with studying at Trinity, Dublin, Oxford, England, school in Hungary in 1989 the upheaval of the Soviet empire downfall 1st hand

North America from Alaska, Canada down to Central America & a side trip to Cuba and some islands along the way

South America- Easter Island, Galapagos & the continent itself Andes to the Amazon

Australia & New Zealand – down under adventures

Come along and fly with me & sail the seven seas…

WD. What Does the FBI Do in Japan and the Asian Region - It's Not All Raw Fish! Tuesday, June 30, 4-6 pm (One day only.)

Our speaker, Jim Moynihan comes to us live from Tokyo with a unique perspective on the Far East. For many years, he was a special FBI attorney agent responsible for cooperative programs with Japan, South Korea and Taiwan involving criminal investigations, prosecutions and extraditions. He’ll discuss several prominent cases involving Asian organized crime as well as the flight from prosecution by the Toyota CEO. Extraditing criminals wanted in the U.S. sometimes required so creativity. Grounds for extradition must be found in offenses that are illegal in both host and requesting country.

Currently, Jim is director of the Louis Vuitton Intellectual Property Department/Japan. Part II of his talk will consider how the company enforces its intellectual property rights vs. counterfeiting and trademark infringement, via Internet sales of counterfeit LV items.

Intellectual property (IP) theft is the stealing of ideas and technologies. Once stolen, the IP can be used to manufacture counterfeit consumer goods. Practically everything can be and has been counterfeited from clothing and accessories to drugs and electronics. Counterfeiting has become a huge business, comprising 5 – 7% of world trade according to some estimates. Legitimate businesses pay for it in lost profits, jobs, and a reduced incentive to innovate. Consumers pay for it in shoddy good that in the case of counterfeit pharmaceuticals in particular can be downright dangerous. Further, counterfeit sales are often used to finance other illegal activities.

Jim give some historical background on the Louis Vuitton company, its many products and brands, and its efforts to stamp out counterfeits. He’ll also talk about how to spot counterfeit LV products and the bizarre ends to which counterfeiters have applied the LV brand on products that the company does NOT make. For example, anyone want to buy a Louis Vuitton house, stamped all over with the famous LV logo?

Not just consumers but also legitimate businesses can be tricked into buying counterfeit goods anywhere along their supply chain. Jim will talk about a new blockchain technology promises to stamp out counterfeiting. The idea is a shared ledger distributed across the supply chain where blocks of sourcing and manufacturing information are verified and added to the chain, creating end-to-end accountability and transparency.

PB. Pearl Buck Home Virtual Tour Monday, July 6, 10 - 11:30 am (One day only.)

Join us for a virtual tour of Pearl Buck's 62-acre Bucks County Farm with commentary by Sandy Moore who has been a volunteer docent at Pearl S. Buck Foundation for the past 8 years and also happens to be Tom Moore’s better half.

The Buck home is a charming old stone farmhouse set among award-winning gardens and ponds. Visitors can see where Pearl Buck lived and wrote. She was the first American woman to receive both the Pulitzer and Nobel Prize for her writings. She also raised 14 children born to her as well as adopted and fostered. When she died at age 80, she endowed her home to her children’s foundation, Buck International. It carries on her legacy of bridging cultures and changing lives through humanitarian aid, intercultural education, and historical tours of the Pearl S. Buck House, a National Historic Landmark.


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