Updated: Important Announcement on Summer Plans at the Older Adult Learning Community (TOALC)

Update: The summer semester of "virtual learning" will begin on Monday, June 1. Look for an invitation to attend one or more of a series of "Happy Hours" on Fridays in May, from 4 - 6 pm to introduce the summer program and orient our members on Zoom video conferencing.

[Originally mailed to the TOALC community on 4/4/20]

Dear TOALC Members, Class Leaders, Volunteers and Supporters,

The TOALC Board met by video conference on April 1. I'm delighted to announce that the board decided TOALC will continue to do what we can to promote adult learning and social connection among our members despite the pandemic. Here is our plan:

1. Distance Learning

  • The summer semester of classes on location at TOALC is cancelled.

  • TOALC invites all our class leaders to consider offering a class or presentation remotely by whatever means they choose: phone conference, video conference, email or whatever method they feel most comfortable with.

  • TOALC will arrange video conferences featuring the speakers we already booked for the summer session.

  • We'll also plan social gatherings online so we can reconnect with one another.

  • Access by telephone will be provided where possible for those without desktop computers or mobile computing devices.

  • This is an opportunity to get creative and try out new learning delivery and community-building tools.

  • TOALC will provide what technical and other assistance we can to class leaders.

  • In the coming weeks, we'll contact class leaders individually and collectively by video conference to work out the details.

  • We may start out with a short list of classes but hope to add more over time as we develop new ideas and class leaders decide they're ready to proceed.

  • Outdoor activities may be added later this summer as the public health situation evolves.

2. TOALC As Go-Between

  • TOALC will compile a catalog of classes and events and make it available on the TOALC website (

  • We'll distribute the catalog to area libraries and ask them to make reference copies available for those without computer access.

  • The catalog will be updated periodically as new classes and events are added.

  • The TOALC office will remain closed until it is safe for our volunteer staff to return. But we'll monitor our phone and email remotely. Interested learners can contact us by phone or email and we'll match them up with the classes they're interested in.

3. No Fees

  • All classes in our course book will be free and there will be no charge for TOALC's referral services.

  • TOALC does not have the technology to process registrations and payments other than by asking our volunteers to return to the office. We don't want to do that.

  • We hope the fact that all classes are free will encourage our members to give them a try.

4. Donations Requested

  • TOALC still has to pay its bills: office rent, insurance, I.T. services, etc.

  • We ask everyone who supports TOALC's mission to consider making a contribution to help make up for the loss of registration income.

  • TOALC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Contributions are fully tax-deductible and will be acknowledged with a letter for your tax records.

  • In the coming weeks, we'll add a donor button to our website for contributions by credit card or PayPal.

  • In the meantime, you can mail contributions to TOALC or The Older Adult Learning Community Corporation (the name the IRS knows us by) at:

55 Smith St.

East Stroudsburg, PA 18301.

Let's all make this summer memorable for the right reasons!




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