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Last-Minute Reminders and Updates for the Summer Semester

Updated: May 23

Summer Kickoff Meeting This Sunday, May 21 2- 4 pm

Everyone is invited to the TOALC Summer 2023 Semester Kickoff this Sunday, May 21, 2 - 4 pm. It will be held at the East Stroudsburg Presbyterian Church

55 Smith St., East Stroudsburg. We'll meet in the Fellowship Hall (Lower Level).

  • Beverages and Desserts Will Be Served.

  • Meet Class Leaders And Learn About Summer Courses And Event Offerings

  • Register for Classes

  • Get To Know Fellow TOALC Members In A Relaxed Setting

You Can Still Add Classes to Your Schedule

We asked everyone to get their registrations done by May 17 so we'd have time to get rosters together for our class leaders and get everyone the Zoom information they may need. But you can still add or change your schedule. Call the TOALC office at 570-422-7810 during office hours (9:30 - 11:30 weekday mornings) so we can tell you if the classes you're interested in are already full.

The Classes That Are Currently Full [As of 5/18/2023]

(We'll update the list through the first week of class)

We hope to add a second Ageless Grace (AG) class to the summer schedule. The two Shawnee plays (JA - Joseph ... and MA - Mame) are temporarily full. Once we're sure of our numbers, we'll buy additional tickets so that everyone who wants to attend will be able to do so. So, sign up for them if you're interested.

If you are enrolled in one of the above classes and find you can no longer attend, please let the TOALC office know, and we'll give your seat to someone on the waiting list. But don't give up your seat because other obligations require that you miss a class occasionally. Life happens!

Scheduling Changes and Notes

  • BC. Book Club. We have changed focus on the class. It will be centered around local author David Pierce’s exhaustively researched book: Tocks Island: Dammed If You Do The Homegrown Movement that Defeated the Delaware River Dam. We’ll meet on Zoom rather than at the ESU library to discuss the book. David Pierce will join us for the last two class sessions. David will be here on Sunday for the TOALC Summer 2023 Kickoff with copies of his book for sale. Cost is $26 (Hardcover) and $16 (Paperback)BW. Bird Watching: Date shift: Class will not start until June 17 and will continue through August 12.

  • BF. Ballet for Seniors. We neglected to mention in the course book that the class meets at the Castle Inn in Delaware Water Gap. I sent directions to the classroom and parking suggestions to everyone. Let me know if you didn't get them.

  • CA. Chair and Standing Exercise will not meet on May 29 (Memorial Day) nor on July 3.

  • CB. Cranberry Bog Walk was full, but we have added a naturalist to conduct a second tour group on the same day. Please let us know if you cannot attend so we'll know whether to tell the second naturalist that he or she is still needed.

  • DG. Disc Golf – class will NOT meet on June 22 or July 6.

  • DI. Disney100 Bus Trip to the Franklin Institute on June 30 is cancelled due to lack of sufficient enrollment. All deposits will be returned.

  • EW. Easy Walks. Class size has been increased. No one is on the waiting list anymore. Please plan to attend. Also, look for emailed directions from the class leader about where and when to meet.

  • HA1 and HA2 - Hound & Horse & Others. The first session is in person and the second is on Zoom. Content will be identical

  • JS - Jersey Side Hiking Trails in the DWGNRA. Please note that this presentation will take place in a classroom at TOALC and not on the trail in the park. But a ranger will present the talk.

  • MB. Musical Biographies film class will start on June 5 and not May 22. We may extend the class by two weeks but are not sure yet.

  • UT1 and UT2 - Under the Dementia Umbrella are duplicate sessions of the same class. You don't need to sign up for both!

  • WW. Watercolor Workshop - The June 1 session will be held via Zoom. You can attend from home. Or come to TOALC and participate on Zoom with other class members in the classroom.

General Housekeeping Notes

  • The water fountain on the first floor or the church will not be operational in the near future. Bring your own water bottle. Or help yourself to the small, bottled waters TOALC will put on the table in front of the church sanctuary, along with a donation cup for your loose change so we can replenish the supply.

  • There will be no classes on Monday, May 29 (Memorial Day) and the Fourth of July. The TOALC office will close on those days as well.

  • Check the course book for TOALC’s office hours, address, phone, and email address.

  • Adding classes to your schedule: Call us or stop in at the TOALC office and we can tell you what’s full. The registration deadline marks the point where we start compiling rosters and making sure every signed up for a class gets the class Zoom invitation or other information specific to that class.

  • If dropping a class, tell the class leader or the TOALC office. Someone may be waiting for an open seat.

  • Try to be on time for class. Join Zoom meetings 10 mins early to deal with any technical issues. Then you can go off and get another cup of coffee while waiting for class to start.

  • Room assignments for classes will be posted on the window to the right of the church’s front door the day of class.

  • Kindly park in the lower lot when at the church. Then members with mobility challenges can park on the upper driveway and avoid the stairs.

  • No parking in/near the circle in front of the church. You may block a driver’s view of other drivers.

  • For those with handicap stickers, there are handicapped parking spaces off the driveway circle by the church.

  • Let us know if another member is injured, ill, etc. so we can reach out to members and their families.

  • TOALC membership is $45 for the semester. If for any reason, you can attend NONE of the classes for which you register or you decide not to register, contact the TOALC office for a refund or credit for the next semester.

  • TOALC reserves the right to cancel any class or event for lack of enrollment or any other reason.

  • Consider making a donation!

  • Is there anyone joining us for the first time? How did you hear about us?

More Summer Program Details

A couple of the classes in the summer program got short shrift in the course book. Sometimes we leave out the good stuff when squeezing the schedule into 6 pages! Please consider the additional information below when making your course selections. Also included are notes about the Author Series.

AG. Ageless Grace Thurs. 9:00 to 10:00 - June 29 to July 20. Additional class session added.

Ageless Grace is a revolutionary evidence-based brain and body exercise program intended to increase the neuroplasticity of the brain. Ageless Grace is a program taught in 50 states and more than 30 countries, and over 3400 Educators have been certified to teach. The program consists of 21 simple exercise tools designed for all ages and abilities. These exercises, based on everyday movements that are natural and organic, focus on the healthy longevity of the body and brain. By practicing Ageless Grace for 10 minutes every day, you can improve your brain health. Ideally, Ageless Grace is a preventative measure, but if the signs of cognitive decline are beginning to appear, this program can improve your symptoms.

The Ageless Grace Program is ideal for:

  • Anyone who wants to stay cognitively fit and vibrant through stimulation of neuroplasticity

  • Special populations, including those with physical or mental limitations

  • Caregivers working with special populations

The class is led by Barbara Van Nortwick, M.Ed, OTR/L, Certified Dementia Practitioner.

AG. Ageless Grace Addiitional Classes

Due to the size of the waiting list, class leader/presenter Barbara Van Nortwick has graciously offered to give a second set of class sessions to anyone who might be available:

  • Tuesday, June 27, 11:30 - 12:30 pm

  • Wednesday, July 5, 11:30 - 12:30 pm

  • Tuesday, July 11, 11:30 - 12:30 pm

For the fourth class session, this group would meet with the regular class in one combined session on Thursday, July 20, 9 - 10 am.

AS. Author Series Fri. 1:00 - 3:00 - May 26, June 23, and July 21.

Feel free to register for this series even if you can't attend all of the sessions. Please note that our July 21 speaker's book (John Caminiti - Pre-Ordained Betrayal) will be available on Amazon on or about June 15.

DG. Disc Golf with Stroud Rec Thurs. 10:00 to 12:00 - June 15 to July 20.

Trudyann Buckley has led programs in the past on archery and snowshoeing. Disc Golf (formerly "frisbee golf") is a game in which a plastic disc is thrown into each of a series of metal baskets situated on an outdoor course, the object being to complete the course using the fewest possible throws. The game has really caught on, including the the age 50+ demographic. Here's a video to give you a sense of it:

MC1 &MC2. Moosehide Campaign Day and Follow-up Zoom Meeting - Thurs. May 11 and May 25

I'll post more information in the TOALC website blog ( ) later this week about the daylong events taking place during Moosehide Campaign Day, May 11 and other participation opportunities available.

SM. Sunny Murray, Fri. 10:00 to 12:00 - May 26

Sunny Murray will talk not only about his remarkable career (which includes representing Sammy Davis Jr.'s widow in her IRS battles, not mentioned in the course blurb) but also about his equally remarkable parents. They are mentioned in Sunny's bio on page 9 of the summer course book but belong in the course description, too. Sonny's mother and father — the late Odetta and Judge Albert R. Murray Sr. — founded and operated the Hillside Inn in Marshalls Creek for more than 50 years. It is historically known for catering to a black clientele that was routinely denied accommodations in the Poconos in the 1950s and '60s. Judge Murray also was a New York State Supreme Court judge. It should be a fascinating talk!

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