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Summer 2023 Semester Previews

Updated: Apr 12

TOALC’s summer 2023 semester will run from Monday, May 22 to Friday, July 21. The summer course book will go in the mail in mid-April to all recent members. If you want to get on the mailing list, please leave a message on the TOALC office phone (570-422-7810) with your name and mailing address by April 7, 2023.

The summer program will consist of 60-some classes and events, with an emphasis on the great outdoors. Here’s a preview, updated from an email that went out in early March.

Disney100 Bus Trip June 30

Announcing a TOALC bus trip to see the Disney 100th Anniversary traveling exhibit at its first stop, the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, PA on Friday, June 30. Here is the official blurb on the exhibit:

Disney100: The Exhibition invites guests to step into their favorite Disney stories across ten galleries throughout a 15,000-square-foot exhibit space featuring innovative and immersive technology. The Walt Disney Archives spent the past five years curating a collection of more than 250 rarely seen original artworks, artifacts, costumes, props, and other memorabilia for the exhibition celebrating 100 years of The Walt Disney Company. The vast majority of objects are from the Walt Disney Archives, with a selection of artwork from the Walt Disney Animation Research Library, Walt Disney Imagineering Art Library, and Pixar Living Archives, as well as props and costumes on loan from Marvel Studios.

Learn more about 23 of the "Crown Jewels" recently released from the Walt Disney Archives vault of treasures that will be on display in the exhibition here.

The bus trip will cost $75 per person. That includes the cost of the bus, admission to the museum and to the exhibit. Buy your lunch at the Eatery, the Franklin Institute's "newly renovated space will delight you with a diverse menu with a wellness focus." But it has pizza and burgers, too.

Summer Blockbuster Movie Day at Pocono Cinema & Cultural Center July 12

Groundhog Day at the Movies was so successful that we're planning to do a movie day at Pocono Cinema every semester. This summer, I thought it might be fun to reprise one of the top summer blockbusters of our younger days: Jaws (1975).

I clearly remember the night a friend and I went to see Jaws when it opened in downtown Ithaca, NY. On the way back home, we saw all sorts of emergency vehicles gathered at a fraternity house beside the Fall Creek gorge near the Stewart Avenue bridge. A drunken student leaving the frat party had put his car in reverse by mistake and had plunged backward over the cliff and into the creek some 500 feet below. Luckily, trees had slowed his downward progress and he survived. But it took many hours to extract him. They needed a bigger crane.

Book Club to Study Tocks Island

The Kemp Library at ESU has an uncatalogued collection of documents and newspaper clippings on the Tocks Island Dam project and controversy surrounding it. The Documents Librarian has offered to help if TOALC would like to form a group to sift through it. The Book Club (“BC”) will hold a Thursday morning four-session class to be held at the library starting June 1.

Classes and Events in Search of a Leader

We're looking for people who can offer classes on the following:

  • American Sign Language.

  • Napkin folding. The late Don Robinson offered this class for several years, to the delight of TOALC members.

  • Participants for a summer "Sharing Time" class, TOALC's version of Show-and-Tell. Do you have a hobby, interest, or life experience you'd like to share with fellow members?

  • The summer also offers many cultural events that TOALC members might want to enjoy together. For example, movies and plays "in the park", Shawnee Tuesday night concerts. Would there be any interest in making these events occasions for dining get-togethers beforehand? Would you be interested in coordinating?

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