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The Creative Writing of Thomas Van Moore

Updated: Apr 27

Tom Moore was such a dynamic part of TOALC for so many years that it's impossible to start a new semester without feeling his absence. Many people signed up just to take his wonderful music classes. But he was a man of many talents, including his writing ability. Rosalyn Henley suggested we showcase one of his compositions called "Lou Berger, Chick Magnet". It shows not just Tom's writing skill but also his humanity. See her notes on it here.

Tom's wife Sandy had this to say about the piece:

Yes, I am certain that Tommy (although quiet at times) would be glad to have this composition seen by his TOALC friends. He adored Lou. I never met him in person but they spoke by phone frequently and, the times we spoke I found him to be a welcoming gentleman. Tom never chose his friends because of any superficial reasons but he was delighted to consider Lou one of his strongest, most interesting and kindest people. And yes, Lou's death was hard on Tommy. BTW, I have read this composition many times and never tire of it. I believe Tom would say, "Go ahead and put it on the website. I will also tell our children about this email but they knew all about Lou and his and Tom's friendship.

Click here to read "Lou Berger, Chick Magnet". Below are pictures of Tom and Lou.

Tom, Lou (seated) and Dave.

Lou Berger, Chick Magnet

Lou Berger, Old and New

Lou Berger Skin Set (showing his drums)

Saturday Jam Session

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