The TOALC Website Is Open For Business Again

The TOALC website is working again and ready to accept your registration and membership submissions.

Sometime over the last few days, all the submission forms on our website became disconnected from the corresponding tables on the WIX web design platform that store what information is submitted. The submission forms continued to work correctly as far as generating email confirmations. Credit card transactions were not affected.

This morning (Tuesday, April 12), everything seemed to be working fine again. I asked the WIX support group to confirm that everything looked fine on their end. They did so this afternoon. I also asked them to continue investigating the cause of our outage. They promised to refer the matter to the appropriate support group but without high hopes that anything would come of it.

Thanks to everyone for refraining to use the website while we investigated the data loss. As far as I know, the problem was limited to six people. I restored all their missing registrations and credited them for the membership payments they had submitted. I contacted each of them by email, indicating what classes they had registered for and asked if I had missed anything.

If you submitted a registration request or a membership payment between Saturday evening and today and you didn't hear from me, please let me know.



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