TOALC Special Announcement of Monday, Sept 27 - Suspension of Indoor Classes and Other Actions

The following Special Action Steps were unanimously approved at an emergency meeting of the TOALC Advisory Board on Monday, September 27, 2021

Action 1: All indoor classes held at the Presbyterian Church are shut down for one week beginning at noon, Tuesday Sep. 28, 2021. This includes the TOALC Office. We will reopen indoor classes Tuesday Oct. 5th at noon.

Action 2: All outdoor classes may continue to meet but MUST

1) Dismiss members who have not been vaccinated for the length of the shutdown

2) Insist that all participants wear a mask or shield. This includes instructors.

3) Maintain a minimum of 6 ft between members

4) Practice healthy hand hygiene

5) Keep an accurate attendance record. Do not pass the roster around to members. Instead call the roll or designate one person to record attendance.

Action 3: Anyone who had unmasked or extended (1 hour+), close encounters (less than 6 ft), with Greg last week should get tested. Stay home after your test until you get your results. Please notify TOALC of the results. You can leave an anonymous message on the TOALC office phone at 570-422-7810. We encourage all those to get tested who have symptoms, feel sick, or are especially vulnerable to COVID (e.g. have certain underlying health conditions).

Action 4: Special events and classes not held in the church building such as the Dutot Tour, the Son Lewis Blues Concert, and Bowling will meet under conditions consistent with Actions 2 and 3 above.

Action 5: Greg and Jim will be in touch with church officials regarding a “deep clean” for the TOALC Office and address any concerns they may have regarding safety.

Note: Zoom and email courses may continue as usual.

Final Note: When the threat has passed, the building is safe, and our practices are consistent we will return to the fall schedule as designed.

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