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TOALC Winter Semester Update As of January 24

Notes for New Members

  • If you registered for a class, assume you are enrolled in the class unless notified you are on the waiting list. You should have received an email confirming registration. We don't send out any other confirmations.

  • Unless indicated in the course book, most classes are held at TOALC (i.e. at the East Stroudsburg Presbyterian Church). Room assignments are posted on the picture window to the right of the front door. Check each day, as assignments sometimes change.

  • When it comes to inclement weather closings, TOALC follows the East Stroudsburg School District ( See page 10 of the printed course book (page 13 in the online copy) for details. But stay home if you are uncomfortable driving with conditions in your area. Delayed openings do not alter the schedule. Classes held solely on Zoom are unaffected by weather closings. Note: The closing policy applies to ALL TOALC locations (i.e. Castle Inn, Hughes Library, Loder Center, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Poconos.)


  • The following classes are full. You can still register and be placed on the waiting list for: AV, CL, CW, EP, KF, MJ, ML, QC, SL, TC, YF.

  • There's one seat available on the bus for WF - Watch for Eagles this coming Friday, January 27.

  • Scheduling change:

  • HW - How Will Climate Change... moved back a half hour, will meet 1:30 - 3:30

  • KF - Knitting start is delayed 2 weeks, will meet from Feb 9 to Mar 16

  • MY - Meet Your State Representative with Tara Probst is scheduled for 10 - 12 pm on March 17 in the Fellowship Hall.

  • TT - Tom's Twisted Trivia (in memory of Tom Moore) will meet both in person and on Zoom, at the scheduled time of 10 - 12 pm on Friday, Feb 24.

Changing Your Schedule

  • Let us know (via email at or by phone at 570-422-7810 If you have decided to drop a class, especially for classes that are full. Someone may be waiting for a seat.

  • If you want to add a class, you can also contact us. Or you can submit another registration on our website at , listing in "Classes I want" the two-letter codes of the classes you want to add to your schedule.

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