Welcome to the Summer Semester at TOALC!

Updated: Apr 16

The new course book for the Summer Semester is available on the Courses page. The PDF version is more up-to-date than the print version that was mailed and distributed in mid-April. The Kickoff Meeting will be held via Zoom on Sunday, May 16 from 2 - 4 pm. Classes start May 25.

The Kickoff Meeting will feature the music of Trillogy, with Betsy Buzzelli-Clarke and friends. We'll also go over the summer schedule. Presenters are welcome to say a few words about their classes. Zoom information for the kickoff will be sent out two weeks ahead of the event.

There are two online versions of the course book available. The PDF version has color photos of our guest authors. It indicates which video conference classes by Zoom are also accessible by traditional telephone, if you don't have a computer or smartphone. There's also a text-only version of the course book, without graphics. This might be easier to download to your smartphone.


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