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 Our Fall Classes

TOALC offers 85 classes and events this fall. Seven meet on Zoom. Most others meet at the East Stroudsburg Presbyterian Church unless otherwise indicated. See "Events & News" page for a list of filled/cancelled classes.  

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Register for Classes

If you don't see a blue success message when you click on the submit button, please register by phone at the TOALC office at 570-422-7810.

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Classes start Sept 11.  If you register for a Zoom class meeting in less than two days, we may not be able to get the Zoom invitation to you in time.

Guidelines for Class Leaders

View FAQ Sheet - Revised 8/20/2023


There are returning class favorite (for example, Ageless Grace, Archery, Ballet, Country Line Dancing, Do You Want To Be 20 Years Younger…, Italian, Knitting, Mah Jongg, Tai Chi, and Yoga.) And we have classes on completely new subjects (Model Trains, China - Myths, Facts and Realities, German Prisoners of WWII in the U.S., Hamlet, History of Jazz in America, Iditarod, Open Poetry Reading) and we’ll visit new destinations (BB Black Bear Film Festival, Toy Soldier Museum, Warren County (NJ) History Trail) as well as revisit places we’ve enjoyed in the past (Slate Belt Heritage Center, Deer Head Inn, Grand Central Landfill Tour). There are classes for the upcoming holiday season, too: Santa: A Guidebook for Grownups, Crafts for Sharing, Stress Free Holiday. Enjoy the outdoors with Fall Hawk Watch, Fieldstone Farm Hike, Hiking the Kittatinny Ridge, Scenic Hikes Around the Poconos. Learn about important financial matters with Elder Law, Extended Care Planning, Financial Matters - Guaranteed Income, My Forever Home, The 2008 Financial Crisis. Stay informed about local issues with Key Issues Concerning Flood Mitigation…, Monroe County History, a visit from Senator Rosemary Brown.

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