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We all survived the worst of COVID-19 and we’re back to the classroom at TOALC! The virus may serve up more surprises. But with the guidance of health authorities and our own ingenuity & commitment, we’ll cope, just as we have from the beginning of the pandemic.  We’re delighted that members can interact in person with one another again.

TOALC offers 63 classes and events this fall. Most will meet in person and indoors unless otherwise indicated in the fall course book. We urge you to follow current CDC guidance for wearing a mask. We will not ask for proof of vaccination.


Remote classes via Zoom and email also are available. If you want to join in-person classes but do not feel comfortable participating in person, please contact TOALC to explore the possibility of “attending” via Zoom or telephone.

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Fall Catalog

 As of 10/9/2021:

Full: BL, BT, CB, CE, CW, FR, IL, JT, SS, PA, TC, YF. Cancelled: AO, BG, CS, IB, MM, RC, SE,VA, WE


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