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 Our Summer Classes

TOALC offers almost 80 classes and events this summer. Eight meet on Zoom. Most others meet at the East Stroudsburg Presbyterian Church unless otherwise indicated. Check here for any corrections and filled/cancelled classes.  

Go to the Membership Page to pay online and see the refund policy.

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Summer Catalog


Register for Classes

If you don't see a blue success message when you click on the submit button, please register by phone at the TOALC office at 570-422-7810.

Note: Check "I'm not a robot" box below to enable submit. Register by phone if you don't see it.

Thanks for registering! Emailing your receipt. Pay on the Membership Page.

**Email required. If you don't have one, put TOALC email:

A single-column version with pictures. Revised 5/10/2024

Text only version - for phone download.

Classes start May 20.  If you register for a Zoom class meeting in less than two days, we may not be able to get the Zoom invitation to you in time.

Guidelines for Class Leaders

View FAQ Sheet - Revised 8/20/2023

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